Facebook Fan Pages Shift Left; Ticker Added to Chat Sidebar

Two days ago I noticed that Facebook fan pages had suddenly shifted to the left and were no longer centered. On large monitors that resulted in a lot of blank space on the right side. I remember back in the 90s most web pages were left aligned but nowadays all pages are centered, so unless Facebook was on some sort of weird nostalgia trip, I assumed they were preparing for something. This morning I figured out what. Facebook has added the Ticker to the Chat sidebar when viewing Pages so now you can keep up with what your friends are doing even when you’re not viewing your Newsfeed page.

You must be using Facebook as yourself and not your Page or the Chat sidebar is disabled and you will only see the page left aligned and the Ticker in your Chat sidebar if you’re viewing Facebook on a monitor with a resolution of 1280 pixels wide or larger, otherwise the page is still centered and the Chat sidebar opens over the advertising sidebar and only shows friends available for chat. On larger monitors the Chat sidebar opens to the right of the ad sidebar and shows the Ticker above your list of friends.

By adding the Ticker to the Chat sidebar it’s now always available, even when viewing Timelines and fan pages.

Edit: I just noticed that when I’m using my Timeline (profile) and click on the little “hide” arrow to hide the Ticker it pops open in the Chat sidebar and when I close the Chat sidebar the Ticker pops back to the top of the advertising sidebar.