Facebook Increases Image Size in News Feed Ads and Posts with Links

Yesterday Facebook announced an increase in the size of images for ads which also affect images in status updates when we include a link — either directly or shared. As long as the image that is pulled from the web page or blog post we link to is of sufficient size, it will show full width with the preview title and blurb below rather than next to the image.

This is great news for bloggers and my suggestion is that from now on, when you include an image in your blog post, use one that is horizontal and size it to at least 600 pixels wide. And since most of us don’t typically use an image that large in our blog posts, the trick is to just scale it to the size you want it to appear in the post but upload the image full size. In your post, even though it may only be 200 pixels wide, as long as when someone clicks to view the image itself it’s at least 600 pixels wide it will not appear as a small square but a full size, full width and impressively large image in the viewer’s News Feed.