How Facebook’s New “Subscribe” Feature Can Benefit Your Business Page

I recently activated Facebook’s new “Subscribe” function for my profile and have been picking up subscribers steadily for the past day. Since the launch I’ve been wondering if there could be any useful benefit from this for those of us with business Pages as well as personal profiles and five minutes ago I think I found at least one.

While I was checking out a few people who had recently subscribed to my profile I noticed that when you click on the “Subscriptions” link on a profile it opens a page with a list of all of the profiles that person has “subscribed” to. In most cases it seem that Facebook displays the school or employer information for each of those profiles and here’s where the benefit for your business (fan) Page comes in.

You’ll notice from the screen shot that I haven’t simply linked to my employer’s Page but I have taken the time to type in some text and then I’m linking to my own company Page for Social Identities. The cool part is that the words “Social Identities” are hyperlinked to my Page. When someone clicks on a friend’s “Subscriptions” link to see who they find interesting, if they’ve subscribed to my profile, that person will see a message telling them what my Page is about and encouraging them to click the link.

To make this work for you you’ll need to add some compelling text to the “Position” field in the “Education and Work” area of your settings page and then link to your Facebook business Page as your “Employer”.