How to Get Free Secure (SSL) Hosting for the Graphics on Your Facebook iFrame Tab Page

If you have an iframe tab page on your Facebook Page, such as a custom landing page, you need to host anything that is called into the iframe on a secure server or anyone using Facebook in secure mode will get a security certificate error and won’t be able to see what’s on the tab page. This has been the case since Facebook switched from FBML to iframes a few months ago but as of today (October 1st), it is mandatory.

If you use one of the iframe apps to create your tab page, like Static HTML, in most cases the HTML text will be hosted on a secure server for you, so for anyone who has a strictly text-based tab page, this won’t apply to you. Once you add a graphic, photo, video, or form to that page, it does, and all of those things will need to be hosted on a secure server and most apps don’t do that for you. So, what do you do if you don’t have secure hosting already? Here are your options.

1. Contact your hosting company and tell them you need an SSL certificate for your domain. Most companies will charge a fee for this, typically $5 a month or so but some will offer it to their virtual hosting clients at no charge. Alternatively, you can pay for your own certificate, in which case there is an annual fee ranging anywhere from $50 to $150 a year. The second option is good for those of you who would have another purpose for a secure domain, like an ecommerce website. For the rest of you, I suggest going through your hosting company.

2. Set up an Amazon S3 account. It only takes a matter of minutes and you’ll get 5GB gigabytes of storage a month for free and then it’s extremely cheap if you use more. For most of you it won’t cost you anything for the first year and will then be only pennies per month after that.

3. Open a Dropbox account. Once you have downloaded the Dropbox application to your hard drive you simply drag your files into the “public” folder and then use the provided link to add the graphics to your tab page. Dropbox is free for up to 20GB of storage, which will be more than enough for most everyone.

Edit: A questions was asked in the comments that made me realize I forgot to mention a simple step to make sure your Dropbox hosted graphics were secure. Simply add an s to the http:// part of the Dropbox URL so it’s…

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