How to Install the Facebook Iframe App in Less Than 30 Seconds

As you’ve probably heard by now if you have a Facebook page, especially if you have custom tab pages, Facebook will be shutting down the FBML app effective March 11. I’m not sure how strict they’re going to be about that date but that’s what they’ve said.

First, let me alleviate any fears you may have that your custom Facebook landing tab will stop working on March 11. That’s definitely not the case. Any pages built using the FBML app will continue to work just fine. This only means that no new pages can be built using that app after March 11 and must be created using the iframe app.

Now, about the iframe app. Adding the iframe app isn’t difficult but it does involve a lot of steps, it’s time consuming, and probably not something the average person would attempt. Many tutorials were written on the subject shortly after the change was announced and if you follow those tutorials step by step you will be able to install the iframe app with no problem. But, I’ve got good news.

Some kind person has done what Facebook, for some reason, chose not to do. Simply create an app that we could install just as quickly as the FBML app that would allow us to paste our HTML code into a field, click ‘save’ and bam, you have a custom tab page. Thanks to Jason Padvorac it’s now just that easy.

Once you add the app to your page — which takes less than 30 seconds — you will have access to a page with a field that you can either copy and paste a bit of code he provides into and then add the URL of the page on your server you want to load into the iframe, or better yet, you can just paste the HTML for your page into the field. Jason is using Amazon S3 to host the HTML at no cost to you, so those folks who don’t have a domain and hosting of their own and therefore no place to host the page that displays in the iframe can still create a custom Facebook tab for their page.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the excellent new Static HTML iframe app.

If you’re interested in adding a custom landing tab to your Facebook page and don’t have the ability to design your own page, please visit Social Identities to see what we can do for you.