How to Show “Posts by Others” in Your Facebook Brand Timeline and Not Just in the “Recent Posts by Others” Box

One of the changes Facebook made to our fan pages when they switched to the new Timeline layout was to create a section at the top of the Timeline that only shows “Highlights” by default and that means that the only status updates you’ll see near the top of a brand Timeline are from the Page itself and all “Posts by Others” are segregated into a small box at the top of the right column. The only other way to see posts by others is to switch from the default “Highlights” view to the “Posts by Others” view.

You can see posts by others in the Timeline itself by scrolling down past the “Highlights” section but by that point those posts are probably at least a few days old.

Don’t worry, I have the solution. Yes, it would be a lot easier if Facebook just gave us the option to show posts by others along with our own posts in the Highlights section of our Timeline but the good thing is that using this method allows us to only feature certain posts by others rather than all of them.

If you refer to the screenshot below you’ll see how to pick certain updates in the “Recent Posts by Others” box to show right on your Timeline. Just mouse over the post and click on the “x” that appears in the top right corner. When you mouse over that “x” you’ll notice that it indicates “Remove” but don’t be scared, just click it anyway and you’ll get a drop down with some options. The first option that says, “Default (allowed)” seems a bit confusing but that’s just letting you know you have that option selected in your settings. But, if you click the “Allowed on Page” option and then refresh your page, you’ll see that post (which is still showing in the “Recent Posts by Others” box) is now also appearing right on your Timeline along with your own posts.