How to Turn Your Facebook Page Cover into a Clickable Banner

Did you know that every time you update your Page cover it shows up in your fans’ News Feeds? Seems like a great opportunity for marketing, except for one problem. If you’ve added a description for the image it doesn’t show up along with the image in the update like it would when you post a photo normally. Solution? Make sure people know to click the image.

If you add an obvious call to action, like “Click Here” to the cover image, that image suddenly looks just like a banner ad and people are going to click it. When they do, as long as you’ve added some marketing text as the description for that image, it’s going to appear next to it when it opens in the photo viewer, links and all.

It’s not a bad idea to have that call to action visible to everyone who views your Page Timeline, but just in case you’d rather be more subtle, here’s a little trick; just put the CTA in the spot that will be covered by your profile photo. No one will see it when they view your Timeline but it will be there when your fans see the “updated their cover photo” post.