How to Use the New “Voice” Menu Option for Facebook Pages

Facebook is rolling out another change. Yeah, I know, what else is new. But this one is actually pretty handy after you get the hang of it, although I will admit that it took me a day of working with it to understand it completely. If you’re finding it confusing I hope this post will help and of course I’m assuming that the option has rolled out to you already. If it hasn’t and you don’t see a “Voice” menu item between your name and “Home” in the top blue nav bar when you’re using Facebook as yourself (on a fan page) then bookmark this page so you can come back and read it later after the option shows up for you.

To see the Voice menu button you’ll need to be using Facebook as yourself and not your Page. The purpose of the new option is to make it easier for admins of more than one Page to switch back and forth between using Facebook as a Page and themselves. Previously, the way we did this was to select an option on our settings page to “Always comment and post on your page as [Your Page], even when using Facebook as [Your Name]” so that even if we were using Facebook as ourselves our posts and comments would always be as the Page.

Using the old system, to switch back and forth between Pages and your personal profile you would click the down arrow to the right of the “Home” button and select the Page or your profile from the drop down menu.

I always found using the “Use Faceboook as:” drop down cumbersome so I just added all of the Pages I admin to a folder in my bookmarks. I selected the option to always post as the page in the settings for each Page and always used Facebook as myself. If I wanted to post on my own profile, I was Hugh Briss, and if I wanted to post on my own or another Page and had turned on the “Always comment and post…” setting, I was posting as that Page and not myself. Not a bad system and easier than switching to using Facebook as the Page from the drop down menu and then switching back to Hugh Briss if I wanted to post on my personal profile, but if I did want to post on one of the Pages where I’d selected the “Always…” setting as Hugh Briss, it wasn’t possible unless I went into the settings and temporarily turned off the “Always…” option… until now.

With the new Voice option the system has been simplified and I’d have to say it’s one of the better changes Facebook has made lately. The first thing to understand is that there is no longer any need for the “Always comment and post on your page…” setting. Simply visit each Page you admin while using Facebook as yourself, select the Voice button and set it to say “You are posting, commenting, and liking as [The Page].

After you’ve made sure the Voice for each Page you admin is the Page and not yourself, you can always use Facebook as yourself and ignore the “Use Facebook as:” drop down. Just create a folder in your bookmarks so you can access the Pages. Instead of selecting a Page from the drop down and then having to select yourself when you want to post on your personal profile, now you can always post on a Page as the Page and your profile as yourself, no switching necessary. And, if you do want to post on a Page you admin as yourself you can make the switch quickly using the “Voice” button without having to access the settings.