Simple Trick to Make Your Facebook Cover Image Look the Same on Desktop and Mobile

If you have a Facebook business Page you’ve probably noticed by now that your cool cover image doesn’t look the same in the mobile app as it does on the desktop. The height is maintained but the sides are cropped off. Twitter used to do that as well but just rolled out the new design that shows the entire cover image so hopefully Facebook will get around to making the change soon. In the meantime, here’s the solution.

The trick to forcing the entire width of the image to be visible in the app is to allow more height than is needed for the desktop view. Facebook suggests a size of 851 x 315 pixels for our cover photos but the dimensions are different for the app and the image is taller. That’s why the sides get cropped off.  So, if you create an image that is 851 x 475 pixels you can position the image so the top 315 pixels show on your Page when viewed on the desktop but the extra 160 pixels will show on the mobile app. The extra portion will provide a neutral space for your profile photo and page name without covering the important part and the taller image dimensions will force the full width to be visible.