Slick New Twitter Visitor Widget for Your Blog

The folks at TwitterCounter have just come out with a really cool new widget that shows the latest Twitter users to visit your website, similar to the one you’ve probably seen for MyBlogLog. You will see the widget in my sidebar.

When you click the visitor’s avatar or name a window opens showing their 10 most recent tweets and also providing a link to follow them. Not only is it nice to see who’s visited your site recently but this is a great way for site owners that use the widget as well as their visitors to find new people to follow. It’s also a good way to pick up new followers, because every time you visit a site that is using the widget your avatar and name will be visible to other visitors for a while.

I think this is one of the hottest and most useful tools I’ve seen in a while and if everyone starts using this I can see this growing into another way to make the Twitter community even more useful.