The Hugh Briss Twitter List Contest: Enter Now for a Chance to Win $1 Million

going to crazy extreme measures to stroke his ego, and this time,  it’s not Ashton Kutcher.

Rules: The rules are quite simple actually. All you have to do is add me (@HughBriss) to one of your Twitter lists to enter. That’s it. Just add me to one of your Twitter lists and you’ll be automatically entered to win a chance to win one million dollars

Selecting the winner: At some  time in the very distant future I will pick a name from my “Listed” list and that person will receive a chance to win a million bucks, delivered in person, by me.*

Good Luck!

Small print: Entrants must live in the U.S. and be eligible to win the Florida State Lottery and be willing to meet me at the convenience store near my house to pick up their chance to win (lottery ticket).

*Note: The chance to win a million bucks is delivered by me, not the actual million dollars.