Twitter is Down and I’m in a Twizzy

Twitter has been down for close to an hour now and when I say down I don’t mean Fail Whale “oops we’re having a problem be back in a minute” down, I mean down as in even the API apps like TweetDeck aren’t working.

Yesterday it was reported that a lawsuit had been filed against Twitter for patent infringement but things don’t work that quickly when lawyers are involved so we can mark that one off as a coincidence.

I haven’t checked the news yet this morning so I’m hoping that California is still there. As we all know, some day an earthquake is going to separate California from the rest of the U.S. right along the San Andreas fault.

Phew, OK I just checked and California is still there so we can mark that one of the list too.

So what’s left? Massive power outage? 4Chan? Ashton Kutcher was too big a strain on the system?

Edit: Twitter is now reporting they are under a denial of service attack which I hinted to in my last sentence.

Edit 2: It’s been confirmed now that the DDoS attack was directed at one individual in an attempt to shut down all of his accounts and was a result of the conflict between Georgia and Russia. The subject of the attack is a blogger who goes by the name Cyxymu and the purpose was to keep his voice from being heard.