Use Prominent Calls to Action in Your Facebook Page Covers and Turn Them into Clickable Banners

Now that Facebook lifted the ban on calls to action in our Timeline covers, are you using yours effectively? Have you thought about rotating it frequently to market your newest flavor, latest style, your services or to encourage people to download your latest eBook or offer a discount to bring people into your store? You should be going nuts with calls to action in your Page cover photo and if you aren’t, you’re missing out.

For those of you about to say, “Yeah, but Hugh, how many people see my Page cover?”, I say, a lot more than you think, but there’s a way to make sure most of your fans see it on a regular basis.

Every time you change your Page cover photo a post goes out in your fans’ news feeds. The only problem with that is they only see the photo but not any text, like there would be if it was a traditional post. Even if you add some text and a link in the photo description it won’t appear in the actual post in the news feed. But…

C’mon, you knew your buddy Hugh had an idea or else he wouldn’t be writing this, right? That’s where a smart call to action comes in. If the cover image says, “50% Off Everything in Our Store This Month for Our Facebook Fans” and you have a big obvious button that says, “CLICK HERE for Your Discount Code”, you just turned that image into a clickable banner ad. When your fans see that you’ve updated your cover photo and the image has a call to action with a button that screams “CLICK ME!”, they’re going to click it. When they do, the image will open in the photo viewer, where you will have added a photo description explaining exactly what you’re offering along with a link to your website, or the special offer page tab you’ve created on your Facebook Page (best option), or a discount code they can use when they place their order online or come into your store or restaurant.

If you want to see an example of exactly what I’m talking about, just click on over to my Facebook Page, and check out mine. And of course you’ll notice that I’m offering you a free Facebook Page cover image in my call to action. :)

P.S. When anyone mouses over your Page name or avatar in a post or comment, your complete Page cover shows in the pop up, so that’s one more place that great call to action will work for you.

P.S.2 You can now “boost” (promote) the posts that are generated on your Timeline when you update your cover.